Friday, June 09, 2006

Pattern Recognition - Looking back through the glass...

When I think back to pattern recognition, I imagine it as though I were looking through an infinitely half full glass of water. It never ends, specifically, because it becomes the inner space of our new outer space.

Having set on the fact that most of us alive today, will never see space, or another planet for that matter, we tend to look into the mirror world of the monitor, that reflects back at us in realtime as we dance around in it from place to place.

The rabbit is never far from the hat in PR, and even Gibson has a grin left for us from the back of his latest edition of the novel. Which somehow seems a bit more expansive than the editors cut which was stolen from me. Don't tell anyone though.

So as I look through this glass on the table in front of me, containing nestle bottled water, or some such equivalent, I look forward to my own first publishing, and I thank the push motivation of my favorite author, and I draw the map, that might one day land me somewhere, just a bit further out of society, a bit further into the mirror, and perhaps just across, so that I can begin to contextualize my own prose works, that might make a difference...

God bless you William Gibson, for that post card so many years ago, and your continued patience...


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